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Digital and web-based elections, VRM systems and campaign management for political candidates and parties.

Our Solution

A comprehensive solution for the world of voting and elections

The LogiVote systems provide a full solution for every need in the world of digital voting – from computerized and web-based voting system, through campaign and headquarters management systems for political candidates, and elections and systems to maintain contact with the electorate, to digital elections committee management systems.

LogiVote by YayaSoft takes on a pioneering and significant role in the field of software systems and applications for elections.

Those systems are designed for candidates of elections, political and apolitical organizations, political parties, etc.

With 20 years’ experience in the field and a vast experienced team we provide knowledge and technology with advanced tools.

Whether it is an organization or a party that want to hold computerized or web-based elections, or candidates to the parliament / presidency / committee chair, etc. who need a system for managing the supporters and motivators on elections day – we are the proven and successful solution.

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Digital and internet-based elections

We provide voting applications for digital and internet-based elections.

Voting can be done in digital voting stations inside polling stations or by using mobile phones or personal computers. Our systems serve political parties to hold their internal elections ("primary"), choosing representatives for workers committees, and even for local or national elections.

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VRM - managing voters, supporters and motivators

This is an advanced system for handling the contact with the electorate and fully managing election day.

The system includes surveys, mapping of support stations, fundraising, landing pages and a newsletter, and of course, links to social media.

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Victory App

The world's leading app for recruiting supporters and motivating voters

  • Map your supporters.
  • Motivate them to vote.
  • Use and Manage your contacts’ network.
  • Match voters with your phone contacts.
  • Fast and Simple Canvassing.
  • Send SMS and WhatsApp Messages.
  • VRM Integration.
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Lady voting using Logivote VRM app

Preliminary information site website on elections

LogiVote provides a website to guide voters on all aspects related to elections procedures.

The information includes an explanation about the elections, checking one's eligibility to vote, pictures and details about the candidates, and clear directions about the way in which one should vote.

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