YTour BackOffice

What is it?

YTour BackOffice is the agency's central system for managing all bookings from call center, website, and orders from wholesale suppliers.

An online system that includes business client management, automations, business rules, queuing and actionable tasks, client/supplier account management, and advanced reports.

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Why us?

  • Highly experienced in the field
  • Simple and smart systems
  • Constantly innovating
  • Providing wide & personal support
  • Market success

What does this include?

  • Advanced search screen and results
  • Fast order placing
  • Managing all call center & website orders
  • Group and day trip management
  • Business client management
  • Accounting
  • Automations
  • Smart operational tools
  • Cost efficient

Conversing with the client, searching, and creating bookings with instant confirmation

Our YTour search screens are adapted to the agent's parallel, fast, and efficient work while he/she converses with the client and reflect the agent/client dialogue.

Our smart YTour search screens enable the agent to make bookings of hotel/flight/package/general service, such as transfers/attractions with immediate confirmation, via direct interfaces linked to the hotels and to domestic airline companies (such as Arkia or Israir).

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Smart managment of agents bookings and website

bookings that are displayed in the YTour system are made by agents from the call center, wholesale dealer, and various online sales channels belonging to agency - linked through the B2C system or YTour API in the case of an external website

The booking management screen makes it possible to change/cancel any booking or service and add/creat services from new searches of a hotel / flight / package / general services. Also, it includes further operative and accounting-related actions

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Automation is great!

YTour's automation engine makes YTour a smart and efficient system, especially one that helps saving on expenses and resources, in a consistently increasing and ongoing manner.

One key automation is confirmation of bookings that requires manual confirmation by the suppliers.

No need for constant faxing and emailing suppliers, trying to get confirmations in time.

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Business clients

Business clients are fully managed in the YTour system, from Obligo to the monthly billing

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Managing group registration and homogenous groups

YTour enables registration and managing booking by groups, whether it is a group of individuals, an organized group, or registration to a conference.

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Clients tend to return the places that best accommodate their exact needs. in an era of constant competition with online sales, client retention is one of the agent's main goals.

YTour system allows better client retaining by presenting his bookings profile at the beginning of each engagement.

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Booking documents

YTour system saves each document sent or received by the client.

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Bookkeeping and accounting

YTour is considered an advanced accounting system, performing many accounting tasks automatically or in a centralized manner.

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Process control operations

YTour enables automatic management and control of booking processes. applying the queue method, with each queue presenting open bookings per relevant agency department.

Each department handles bookings related only to its area of responsibility, such as bookings that require confirmation from the supplier, orders that were met with credit card refusal, etc.

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The Report System

YTour system includes various report generators, from marketing and bookings reports adapted individually per agency, accounting reports of income, expenditure, profit, and loss, dept reports, collection reports, etc.

Information Security

YTour's permit and profile system is considered highly detailed.

It includes assigning profile roles and permits, marking each permit per action or user.

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