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We develop software as complete solutions for many businesses and are experts in Enterprise systems and pioneering projects.

We are Pioneers in
Our Areas of Expertise

We are pioneers in developing systems and providing solutions for online markets.We are experts in taking on a non-digital market and fully digitizing it.

We examine the market from a perspective of “all or nothing” and develop comprehensive solutions for all the needs and layers of the market on which we focus.

  • First to develop online systems for hotel bookings with fully digital agent management.
  • First to commercially develop digital and on-line voting systems.
  • First to develop CRM systems integrating central systems and field applications in one holistic solution.
  • And first to take attraction marketing fully online.
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Who we are

First and foremost, we are entrepreneurs.
We are creative, dynamic, diligent, and long-distance runners.
For 20 years, we have never stopped pushing the envelope, kept developing our products and creating new ones.

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Our teams have rich experience in technology and in understanding products and clients.Our teams include software engineers, user experience experts and designers (UX/UI), software testing teams, product managers, and software delivery specialists integrating the products with customers.All our teams operate methodologies we developed with over 20 years of experience.

We are not foolproof but keep learning all the time.

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We are people

developing solutions for…


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Digital Voting and VRM System

LogiVote is our leading product line in the field of voting & elections.

We provide digital and online voting systems and VRM software for campaign headquarters management, and the ongoing activity of a political party or candidate. Such systems facilitate data collection and analysis, processing voter/client characteristics, polling, social media interfaces, etc.

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Empower your campaign like never before

The world's leading app for recruiting supporters and motivating voters

  • Get to Know Your Supporters.
  • Gamify Your Campaign.
  • Motivate with Precision.
  • Boost Activist Productivity.
  • Privacy-First Data Security.
  • Sync with your device contacts.
  • Sync with VRM System.
  • Data Security management.
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Lady voting using Logivote CRM app

YTour - Your Full Solution for the Tourist Agent

YTour offers a comprehensive solution for travel agents of domestic and inbound tourism, groups and tour managers
YTour facilitates a full online management interface, including a B2C website for purchasing hotel/flight/attractions, wholesale B2B system, and a complete Backoffice system for the management of a call center, booking and accounting.

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We also function as an outsourcing company, developing projects for startups and entrepreneurs.

We have our own R&D centers worldwide, and the technological know-how from dozens of products we developed over the years.

If you need developers, you can have part/full-service access to fit your needs.

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Worldwide teams

YayaSoft operates globally, with representatives in different countries.

We market our products through agents in Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, and South America.

We are looking for more representatives and collab partners.

We have research centers in Israel, Argentina, and Kyrgyzstan. We are currently expanding to additional countries.

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