Who we are


is a group of software companies and startups, that’s been around for over 20 years.

The employees are software engineers, QA, designers and UX specialists, project managers, operations, and technical support providers.

The company has a variety of products in 2 major fields – the tourism market and the digital voting market. We are also active in other markets and partner with various startups and projects.

The company provides outsourcing and outstaff services, working according to requirements of companies worldwide.

The company's main headquarters

is in Israel, and we have offices and delegations in other countries in the world, such as Argentina, Kyrgyzstan, Czechoslovakia, England, Columbia, amongst others.

Yair Chen

CEO - YayaSoft software Systems LTD

The company is managed by Mr. Yair Chen, a software engineer who has extensive experience in the markets in which we operate both on a technical and a business level, but mainly he became an opinion leader in these areas because he was the first to develop commercial systems in those areas.

Pioneering and Entrepreneurial spirit

YayaSoft was born out of a need for business software systems. Over the years, expansion was natural, as our products provided a wide solution to our customers, with special attention to the dynamic needs of all clients who joined us since then.

Yayasoft has vast experience in many types of systems. And by focusing on certain products made us into leaders in our field.YayaSoft is a pioneering company in the sense that we usually focus on markets that do not operate online, where we reorganize the entire online and digital aspect of their work.

This requires a thorough understanding of the users and being prepared to reeducate an entire market who must move forward from paperwork or Excel to a fully digitized and integrated system.

Our integration and guidance team, combined with programmers who know the way the products should be used, are the key to our company's pioneering spirit that forms an integral part of it to this day.

Our partners

Our partners are our employees. They’re us.
And we work as a family.
This isn’t just a slogan.

We are are not a production factory. We work energetically and dynamically, and are sensitive to the needs of our employees, while paying full attention to the employees enveloping family.

The managers know most of the employees’ families and foster these connections even as the company grows and expands.

This is very important to all of us, and besides, a family's involvement in the work environment means vision and passion.

We are neither Google nor Facebook.
We do not have game rooms or in-house restaurants.

But we are in direct touch with our employees' hearts, officially ensuring that the post is for life, as long as the employee gives their job everything they can.

Yayasoft works with various methodologies according to the project type, but ultimately, today's software systems are not what they used to be 10 years ago, where development was done, and the product was ready. Once we developed a product, it never stops growing and developing.

The digital naturally strives to change all the time and become more efficient and effective, and new technologies enter the market all the time. Since the digital world replaces manual processes, it replaces various systems with more efficient ones. And since new programs constantly appear in both marketing and information management, there is no escaping from constant learning and constantly improving our work methods and technologies.

And this is just where we come in- with the awareness that if you want a winning product you need to be dynamic over time.

Being dynamic is not just at the level of product technology. It is also in the way the company handles successes and failures as well. A company's dynamic ability is also measured versus its ability to stick to the process in reality with our customers.

In the customer stories of the elections (for example in the insurance agent elections, we emphasize our dynamic adaptability during complex projects.

How we conduct ourselves when dealing with an election committee and the possibility that elections will be cancelled at the last minute, highlights an important point:

In election projects, there is no room for mistakes, experience is what counts. Yet experience cannot be based on successes only.

We have exceptional experience in the quantity and diversity of various election campaigns because we are the ones who created this market in 1999, and just as we created a new market, we created successes, but also some mistakes, these helped us to fine-tune our products, our working procedures, and especially the methodology by which we operate.

Yayasoft is an exceptional company in this sense, and we hope to work with similar organizations.

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