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The Bookit vision

YayaSoft's new startup implements YayaSoft's vision of complete digitalization of management and purchase processes in the tourist market.

BookIt revolutionizes the field and regulates the entire world of experience and attractions. It does this using advanced systems, which enable a full online booking process of attractions and experiences without human intervention, while providing the complete solution for all the information that customers require, providing the attraction owners with a full management system.

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The attraction owner's management system

PMS system is simple and easy to operate and offers:

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Booking management

With our booking management system, you can create and fully manage all the incoming bookings from BookIt's distribution channels, from BookIt Index systems, and from various consumer clubs.

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Cashier System

BookIt PMS cash drawer system is positioned right at the main screen to the website and acts as a central sales point which makes it possible to create new bookings when entering the website, adding products available at the very beginning of the booking.

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Calendar Management and availability

Creating the activity timeslots in the calendar, and assigning availability, is done in an efficient, simple, and particularly intuitive manner by working directly on a calendar with a weekly or monthly view.

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Price list management

Smart price list management requires managing different prices at different times, with the possibility of defining a designated price for different distribution and collaboration channels (including organizations or business clients).

BookIt PMS facilitates smart management which achieves higher yield and profitability, and most importantly, it is done fully automatically.

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Accounting management

BookIt PMS provides full accounting management, as well as bookkeeping management interfaces.

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Business Client management

BookIt PMS Business client management allows a display specifically designated prices for the business client, and of course, the possibility of defining which products can be sold to that specific business client.

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Users and Permissions Management

BookIt PMS is a secure system designed for multiple users, according to the type of license that was purchased.

The system security is enhanced by detailed access permit management for every user in the system.

Managing the permits gives the possibility of setting the activities each user is allowed to perform, as well as the products that particular user is allowed to sell.

The main distribution channel is the direct distribution channel to the end client.

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BookIt Index

A search engine booking system for agents of group tourism and to heads of welfare departments

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