Outsourcing services

YayaSoft provides outsourcing services in the field of information technology and software development.

YayaSoft is an IT company that provides all the services in the field of on-demand professional software development, systems integration, quality control, UX/UI design, software maintenance and support, project management- the full cycle of website development.

Development for external companies and startups is done by our development teams, and if necessary, through our software developers recruitment system.

The experience

YayaSoft has an experience of 20 years and more both in the development of different and developing technologies, both in taking part in the development of new technologies and in managing software projects.

The variety of programming languages and extensive professional knowledge allow us to provide a wide range of consulting and development for various business market areas such as:

Bank credit card processing systems

Cellphone applications

E-commerce websites

PMS systems

Cash drawer systems

Surveys and electronic voting systems

Entrance control systems

Management systems

Accounting systems

Human resources management systems

Inventory and purchase management systems

Managerial information systems for travel agents

Project management systems

Recruitment and Project management

Our goal is to provide the best solution for the client's development needs.

Therefore, our recruitment process is based on the required set of skills for each project and the abilities of its team, from Frond-End/Back-End, through specific skills such as React/Vue and PHP, to highly experienced Full Stack developers.

Every project is accompanied by a client manager who follows up on progress. According to the client's needs, we regularly send performance reports, so that the client can focus on what is important – building a superb product.

Product characterization and architecture

YayaSoft also provides product planning and architecture services.

We perform in depth analysis of needs and goals for each project and produce a proper characterization and a recommendation for the infrastructure and technology required.

The result includes recommendations, starting from choosing the right technology for development, choosing the hardware infrastructure, and adapting it to various end-client platforms, setting up monitoring and control tools, and defining development quality and product testing.

Our Development centers

Our company's development centers are in Israel, Kyrgyzstan and Argentina, and these days we are expanding to more countries, to let our products grow quickly according to our vision.

Our development centers around the world are directly managed and hired by us, and work according to a methodology developed in our company over the years.

Team building

In life, and more specifically in project development – communication is everything!

Sometimes, the best solution is to have your whole team located and managed in one place.

This naturally creates a good workflow, from design to development and quality assurance.

And in our experience, managing a whole team from one place also saves time and money, and ultimately, facilitates the creation of amazing products.

Our Business Experience

Our vast entrepreneurial and business experience enables us to give an opinion to startups about what is important for MVP, what truly makes a product effective salable, and especially, defining goals and managing them within the defined budget.

We do not skimp on knowledge-sharing, on the contrary, we share everything we know, so that the product reaches its goal.

This is an important factor for the success of all the partners in that process.

We will be happy to become part of your product development

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