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The Tourism Website

Every agency needs an online sales site, sharing their products with clients remotely, or through social media campaigns.

With our YTour online website options, we design and build an online booking website that enables every surfer to make instant bookings of hotels, domestic flights, dynamic hotel & flight packages, and diverse services such as daytrips and attractions.

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Each hotel is displayed on a separate page with a detailed description of the hotel, facilities, ample photos, maps, and complete information about all room types.

Every room type is displayed with a designated picture and full description of the room and its facilities.

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All domestic flights by local airlines are displayed with an easy-to-use display that enables sorting and filtering by desired destination and times.

We combine flights from various suppliers, so that the client has a wide range of possibilities in terms of dates and times.

Hotel + Flight packages

The system provides the option of booking hotel + flight packages.

We show classical package offers by local airlines (Israir and Arkia), but also dynamic package search results from deals with the agency's hotels and flights by the same airlines.

These dynamic packages enable the agents to earn a higher commission from their direct agreement with the hotel, while providing flight services from the airlines.

Daily Tours

With YTour B2C, you can offer online sales of day tours or week tours by displaying pictures and trip descriptions, choosing a date and the number of tickets, and even a detailed list of the pickup/drop-off if the agency provides transportation for the tour.

Hot-deal promotion and exposure

The website admin system allows you to set your preferred exposure and to promotion deals from the results page to your homepage.

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Managing customer clubs and business clients

We built YTour B2C so that each agency can collaborate with business clients, large commercial organizations, and various customer clubs.

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Using YTour B2C makes it possible to give protected access to agents who buy touristic products from the agency.

The system will display a sign-in screen with password option, after which special prices will be presented to every agent who identified himself during sign-in, according to the discount and products setting that had been set in the YTour BackOffice management system.

Content Management

Each agency has the possibility to edit further content pages on the website, manage the banners displayed on various webpages, and change the menus that appear at the top of every page.

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YTour B2C system was built with promotion tools supporting SEO, making it possible to integrate

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Credit card processing

Bookings can have full credit card processing option.

We have connecting interfaces to several credit companies and provide full security using a PCI standard.

We only charge after performing credit card and credit limit authorization, and only if the booking had been confirmed by the supplier.


YTour B2C system supports AA level accessibility through a software component that was developed by us and is regularly adapted according to accessibility laws which are published from time to time.

Design Services

We provide full design services, such as the website graphic design, UX characterization services, banner production, Flash videos, and even design of media for printing.

Payment for such services is separate, but you can have a one-stop-shop to ensure that your website gets regularly renewed with fresh designs.

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