Conference and Events Registration

What is the registration system?

The online registration process is internet based, for booking a conference, event, or group, including hotel stay.

With YTour Event system, the agent defines the event's full details, and we build a designed webpage that reflects those details.

The registration system allows anyone with access to enter his/her personal details, get full information about the event, and register to the various services published on that registration page.

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Who is the system meant for?

If you are an agent or a producer who generates groups, conferences or events that require registration, this system is for you.

If you are still working manually or in a method which is not synchronized with our BackOffice systems, this system will bring order into your work, make it simpler, and especially, give you an accurate tool for managing the financial and operational aspects.

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The advantages

  • Saving on manual work and human resources.
  • Managing operations, registration, and finances in one place.
  • Expanding registration time.
  • Full information for customers.
  • Avoiding typing errors.
  • Improving quality of service.
  • Modernization.
  • Digitalization even for smaller operations.

How does it work?

If you are new or existing clients of ours, you must purchase our YTour BackOffice system and begin entering the details of the event or group.

After that, go to operation and provide further details, such as the event logo, agenda, timetables, etc. then our YTour Event team can build your landing page and the online booking process.

You may advertise the link you get in any digital platform and send it to the group organizers, or directly to the registrants, thus providing a high-quality modern service.

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