The YayaSoft Vision


Entrepreneurship is in our DNA.

Enterprising is what we do at YayaSoft.

Our spirit is our engine, and it is imprinted in our company's DNA, so no year goes by in which no new products are created in our company, and there is not a day in which we do not work on new development of our existing products.

We constantly look for new markets and collaborations that will enable us to grow, come up with new ideas and fulfill our dreams.

Pioneering spirit

We shall always look for a simple idea that aims at changing a whole market that sometimes remains behind in the technological sense.

In our company we examine every idea also in terms of how its pioneering potential.

With the idea of being pioneers, we have picked an even harder challenge for ourselves, but it is one that brings us even greater satisfaction, and especially, it means that we leave a more meaningful imprint in the world.

Knowledge sharing

We always strive to share knowledge and to create synergetic partnerships in the areas in which we specialize.

We believe that confidentiality of patents and methods is important to businesses and to growth, but knowledge sharing ultimately leads to more growth, making our products better and our working methods generate new markets constantly.

We are not afraid of being copied or that others might learn from us.

We constantly learn from our competitors and our clients, and constantly adapt ourselves to the market.

As part of this adaptation process, we must get to know new people and organizations who are active in the market. Together we create a larger and more effective product, without anyone losing their uniqueness.

Community engagement

Community engagement is the air we breathe, it is food for thought.

Naturally, we are involved in each other's lives in such a way that we know what is important to each of us.

But our vision is to be involved with those outside our company and its customers.

We know that giving to the community gives people a sense of the true essence and satisfaction of living here.

YayaSoft Constantly strives to expand its social engagements.

This is expressed providing voting systems for free to elementary schools, providing means to various communities, and more.

We believe that we can do more. This is also a vision. To know that we can give more. And that is what we shall keep striving and working towards.

The importance of vision

Our vision holds many more dreams and plans to make our company to grow.

In practice, Reality is stronger than the vision, and our attention is directed mainly to constraints business plans, and the needs of family and employees.

This is the reason why we chose to put a vision page on our website.

It is not just “window dressing.”

It is there to remind us that despite everything else, everyone needs a compass in life, and our compass is... this vision!

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