Oganim union purchased
Logivote VRM

Oganim Union purchased LogiVote VRM to manage its election campaign

In May 2002, elections were held for the Histadrut chairperson (General Organization of Workers in Israel) and the organization’s institutions.

Oganim, which is the largest union in the Histadrut, operated group of 15,000 activists before the elections and on elections day itself.

Oganim purchased the LogiVote VRM system to manage the entire campaign and all its volunteers and motivators.

The system operated for about four months at the central headquarters and in various field headquarters. It managed the motivators at all hierarchy levels, as well as the collection of data from the field using the motivator app and the management tools for the "pyramid of motivators".

On elections day, the voting data was entered into the system, and every headquarters manager directed the activists through the system only.

At any given moment, the dashboard screens presented the data at the levels of area, locality, workplace, and even at the level of top motivators and the individual motivators.

The data presented included the general voting percentage, the percentage of supporters voting, and the percentage of motivating activities and of reaching the goals.

The system brought Oganim to victory in significant percentages, due to its ability to monitor so accurately the motivation activity in the field.

The activists call the system “the cockpit", and the system won praise from every user and department, including Arnon Ben David, who was elected as Histadrut Chair, and he said it was the best system he had ever seen.

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