The world's leading app for recruiting supporters and motivating voters

  • Fast and strong increase in support
  • Strong networking of activists
  • Quick mapping of the area
  • Resource saving
  • Easy to use

Significantly increases your chances for winning!

With the new application, LogiVote brings the victory in elections through field activists.

Victory App can be used by every field activist or any individual who supports the candidate.

Any individual can use the Victory App to map the support circles - family, friends and neighborhoods.

Fast growth of supporters

The Victory App is the only app that connects circles of supporters and significantly increases the number of supporters in a matter of days.

Every vote counts!

This is exactly what the Victory App does - helps to build a network of supporters through field activists.

Personal connection is the strongest commitment

The network of field activists is the most effective tool to motivate 100% of potential
supporters to come to the polls on election day.

Quick mapping of the area

The Victory App can map and increase the number of supporters in a fast and efficient manner.

Easy to use

1. Every activist downloads the Victory App - and adds supporters from his or her phone contacts.

2. Every supporter added by the activist is also added to the database of supporters with a phone number and an exact support position (strong supporter, neutral, hesitant).

3. Each supporter can become an effective field activist in a few seconds and contribute to increasing the database of the candidate's supporters.

The Victory App knows how to

  • Match contacts.
  • Map potential supporters.
  • Search and add family members and friends who support the candidate.
  • Add new supporters who are not in the database.
  • Conduct surveys.
  • Send WhatsApp messages.
  • Update and view supporter's data.
  • Send a message to all supporters of an activist in one click.
  • Show the substimulators/sub-activists.
  • Show the list of supporters who voted/did not vote.

How It Works?

The headquarters sends the activists a link to download the Victory App
After downloading the user is asked to register with his/her name/mobile phone/email/address.

Matching contacts

The Victory App matches contacts of the user with people in the candidate's existing database.

The Victory App displays suitable contacts for simple and easy marking of the support position.

Matching contacts

"My Supporters" - the main screen of the activist

After matching, the Victory App will display a list of supporters added so far by the activist
In the main screen you can quickly search for friends and family members and add them as potential supporters.

The Victory App displays the name of the supporter with options of sending them WhatsApp message, making a call or viewing additional data about the supporter.

"My Supporters" - the main screen of the activist

Supporter Card - updating and adding data with VRM

Clicking on the details of the supporter will display the screen with extended details about the potential supporter.

You can update details, mark a support position, conduct a survey/questionnaire by phone or using the door-to-door method.

Supporter Card - updating and adding data with VRM

Quick display of family members/neighbors

The Victory App will show family members or neighbors of the potential supporter for easy mapping.

This feature is possible if the voter’s address book is loaded into candidate’s database.

Quick display of family members/neighbors

Digital Surveys - the modern door-to-door

You can define a survey/questionnaire that the activist will fill out for each potential supporter that he/she added under him/her.

This optimizes the mapping and increases the network of potential activists.

Digital Surveys - the modern door-to-door

Sending centralized messages to all the supporters from the list - the personal touch is what makes the difference

You can send a pre-prepared message to all supporters added by the activist.

The message's template should be composed in a personal way that will increase the chances of it being read.

For example, if the candidate intends to hold a community meeting or a conference, the activist will be notified about the message that needs to be sent to all potential supporters.

With one click in the Victory App, the message will be sent to all potential supporters.

Sending centralized messages to all the supporters from the list - the personal touch is what makes the difference

Personal connections through the Circles

If there is a match of one contact found from a family/friends circle, the Victory App knows to show other family members for a match even if they are not in the contact list of the activist’s phone.

Personal connections through the Circles

Pyramid of upper and lower activists

Each upper activist has a list of potential supporters that he has added in the application.

Each such potential supporter can also become an activist under whom there will be other potential supporters.

This is how a network of upper and lower activists is built.
The App allows an upper activist to see all lower activists and their activists (all levels of supporters below him/her).

This ability allows the upper activist to effectively manage activities at polling stations through the network of lower activists.

Pyramid of upper and lower activists

Ease of use and tutorial videos

The Victory App was built on the basis of 20 years of experience with field activists and digital systems.

It is intuitive to use and is accompanied by clear and short training videos so that any activist can quickly learn how to operate the simple application in seconds.

Management and Control Systems

LogiVote VRM has Victory App user management screens.

When building a network of activists, smart and secure control is required that protects the candidate's database.

Any new activist who registers in the application will appear as "awaiting approval" by the candidate's headquarters.

The systems will show the manager registration details of new users with an option of accepting or blocking them.

If the supporter is not approved by the headquarters’ manager he/she will not be able to use the application.

Information security

Victory App users approved by headquarters have permission profiles determined by headquarters.

An activist can gain permissions of a different level.

For example, the activist can search for people in the database only from his geographical area (assigned neighborhood).

An activist can also have the permission to see extended details of the potential supporter.

The system provides a set of permissions and usage profiles for each action in the application.

Every action in the application requires a different level of permissions.

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