Georgia Dream party win the election with Logivote VRM

LogiVote VRM Used by Georgia Dream Party Government Party To Win The Elections to Parliament

during the recent elections to the parliament in 2021, the governing party Georgia Dream purchased LogiVote VRM.

The need for the system arose from the ability to receive live data from the field by issuing surveys from the system directly.

During conferences with the leading team, work methods and necessary adaptations were outlined.

The system was translated into Georgian, and we developed an interface for connecting with the party's virtual call center.

The party prepared a conversation screenplay and surveys with 120 detailed questions about the situation in the country.

The survey was conducted in a door-to-door method by surveyors all around the country.

During the short period of time, a few dozens of thousands of surveys were conducted

The campaign decision makers could constantly follow the tendencies reflected by the survey answers through the LogiVote VRM Dashboard in real time, and this enabled the party to adapt its strategy accordingly.

The system also predicted the results according to these changes, and these results proved to be correct in a specific model which the party implemented in one city.

Once again, the VRM system proved that if used correctly, it can change support tendencies and even show what the exact results will be after all votes are counted.

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