Digital voting at the Insurance Agents’ Bureau

The Bureau of Insurance Agents is voting for the second time with the full LogiVote voting system

Quite a few years have passed Since the elections of 2017, but the bureau chose LogiVote voting systems to use on voting day for the second time.

About 5,000 voters voted through the system spread across 20 locations around the country, with our company's digital voting stations.

On the ballot were five different topics with different candidates for each sector, according to the branch to which they belong.

LogiVote Voting systems make it possible to vote according to the voter's profile, so that a voter from a certain area will receive a particular voting topic, only the candidates from his or her own branch, whereas a voter from their relevant branch and candidates.

The project included full branding and production of printed roll-ups that were placed in each location, as well as direction signs to the voting stations, and of course full computing equipment deployment to the voting stations.

The voting stations were manned by our company's teams, who functioned as the voting committee for the purpose of voter identification both physically and digitally at the LogiVote digital voters' book.


The preparations for this project were carried out in advance, but during the month prior to the elections up to an hour before go-time, legal procedures were still underway amongst the candidates.

Once these procedures postponed the elections via court order, and almost cancelled completely at the last minute.

YayaSoft fully collaborated with the insurance agents’ bureau and made dynamic preparations before the event, including preparing for a cancellation of the elections. We relayed on our experience of over 1000 elections, where we accumulated rich experience of hundreds of work processes and election scenarios.

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