Daka 90 joins the new YTour system

The YTour system was launched at the Israeli agency "Daka 90" a leading force in the market for many years.

Daka 90 became one of YayaSoft's clients in 2011 with a system of interfaces for hotels and flights and with the Backoffice system for individual and group call centers at the agency.

Daka 90 was purchased a year ago by "Kavei Hufsha" joining others like "Blik Tourism", which is amongst our clients as well.

As part of the company's renewal process, they decided to switch to YayaSoft's new systems for tourism.

YTour system was tested by our tech team and the companies' CEOs. It was adapted to the advance needs of both agencies.

They put their main emphasis on the automation of special-price booking confirmations, where usually, one does not get an online confirmation from the hotel in advance.

YTour's automations enabled Daka 90 to automatically receive confirmation from hotels, with no need of a constant follow ups, which usually includes waiting for an e-mail from the hotel and picking up the phone to talk to the bookings departments at the hotels.

YTour system sends an e-mail with a link to the booking department of the hotel.

This link leads to a webpage meant for the hotel, providing confirmation with a click of a button, and the booking details enter the relevant PNR.

As soon as this action is performed, the booking is confirmed, even at the Daka-90 Backoffice, with no need for further action by the agent.

YTour's automations also update the client automatically as soon as the booking has been confirmed by the hotel, saving the agent the whole process of sending an e-mail or picking up the phone to talk to the client.

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