The Motivators Pyramid module

What is a motivator?

Every election campaign has both a field department and a digital department.

The field department is made of volunteers who also act as activists during conferences and events in putting up signs and mapping the support positions of eligible voters.

But the most significant role falls to those field activists who are responsible for bringing to the polling station those potential voters who were marked as potential supporters for that candidate or party.

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The Motivators Hierarchy

The management method for thousands or even hundreds of thousands of motivators must be graded.

The central headquarters manages the top motivators, who are usually assigned to a certain geographical, municipal, communal, or corporate area.

Those top motivators, in their turn, manage a motivator's rung under them, by creating top motivators in that same area, and under them – more and more motivator circles.

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Management and control tools

To manage the motivator hierarchy, and be able to understand in real time whether they fulfill their goals, they need a digital tool that shows in real time the motivation's progress and reaching the goals.

The motivator pyramid management tool clearly displays each tier in the pyramid, coloring in red anyone who does not reach their motivating goals.

This allows the headquarters managers and/or the top motivators to handle the specific motivators who fail to reach what is required of them, and even to move voters to another motivator, if necessary.

The tool also gives the possibility of uploading a motivators hierarchy from Excel, assign people with voting rights to a motivator in a focused manner, export the hierarchy to Excel, and of course, viewing graphics of the goals and of online voting percentage.

Logivote VRM
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